$15,000 Free is Available From Obama Government Grants For New Homes!

Whether you are looking to raise funds for home repairs and renovations or perhaps to put together a down payment on a new home, the Obama administration has a wide variety of free grant programs that can assist you in your goals.

Here are just a few of the many grants available:

1. $2,000 to help pay off a past due mortgage.
2. $15,000 to put down on a new home.
3. Up to $275,000 in grant money to enter the real estate market.

While many eyes are focused on the negative aspects of the current recession, the Obama government is ready to spend $1 trillion in the next year in government grants for those who are in the know and apply. Better yet, to qualify you need only be at 18 years of age or older and also a legal United states citizen. Given this, just choose a government grant program begin your grant proposal writing process.

In fact, many folks are not aware that the US government will allow you to apply for as many grants as you care to, and you can receive funding for as many as you are approved for.

In the last year alone, the US government gave free funding to over 5 million Americans who applied.

These free grant programs are are not advertised on television because the government is not required to do so, and in the past only those who know or who know someone wh ohas received grants previously generally apply, but now is your chance.

Every American needs to apply for as many grants as possible.

I have found this resource for grants and I am sharing it with you. Government Grant Programs.

They have a consumer review on two of the most popular grant programs.

They are a reputable company, and specialize in this information. Federal Grants For Individuals.