8 Reasons to live in Mumbai

8 Reasons to live in MumbaiMumbai – this word is enough to describe the city’s beauty. Every person living in Mumbai or someone who wishes to one day has a different way of relating to the city. Though, many of us crib about it being one of the dirtiest cities of the country or overly populated, this city still tops the list of most favourable cities to live in India.

So if you are looking out for apartments and flats in Mumbai these reasons will surely help you in making the right decision!

1. The city is the largest city of India

In Mumbai you will find various types of localities suiting your style of living, your comfort and convenience. The spectrum of options the city offers is unlimited.

2. Celebrations round the year

Mumbai is synonymous with celebrations. Festivals are celebrated here all around the year. May it be Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Eid or Christmas it is celebrated with great joy and fervour.

3. The Transportation

The locals of Mumbai are termed as the lifeline of the city and that is rightly so. To make the locals more efficient, the metro, the monorail and road transport is doing an excellent job.

4. The abundance of everything

What’s not there in the city? From iconic gardens and maidans to upmarket shopping centers and a wide range of restaurants and bakeries. You have craving for something and you’ll find it only a metres away from you. There is a restaurant in every nook and corner of the city, the budget is well spread and most importantly the food does justice to the money paid. Also the medical system is really good, with the BMC (Brihamumbai Municipal Corporation) taking up a lot of initiatives in keeping the city healthy and disease free. You will find one of the best educational institutions in Mumbai which are evenly spread around the city. Xavier’s, HR college, NM college are a few to name.

5. One never sleeps empty stomach in Mumbai

Mumbai is famous for its iconic Vada Pav. For some it may be just food but for many it is their only meal of the day. There are more sentiments to a vada pav than to anything else in the city.

6. Feasibility of sources

Running late or remembered something at the last moment? The excessive availability of things around like grocery, gift shops acts like a life saver.

7. Leisure activities

There are a lot of leisure activities around. To name a few the Mahalakshmi race course, sitting by the sea, Wankhede Station, Snow world Mumbai at Phoenix Market city and many more.

8. Good connectivity with other parts of country and countries

It is easier to travel to different parts of the country when you are in Mumbai. The rich supply of buses and trains running all day and night. The Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport facilitates easier transportation to foreign countries and the domestic airports help within.