9 Tips For Using Trade Publications to Market Your Realtor Coaching Program

Trade Publication Advertisements:

Admittedly, trade publication advertisements are a bit old school compared to the hot and trendy social media, blogging, Ezines, pay-per click and other internet marketing but it can still be a very powerful tool.

First of all nothing is free. When you hear people tout about the wonder of the free advertising you get with social media, blogging and article marketing don’t be fooled. Yes, there are no out of pocket costs, but it does take time. If you are not an efficient writer it may take a lot of time. On the other hand trade publication advertisements are relatively quick and painless to write, but you have to pay every time they run.

I owned a coaching company with a financial advisor that allowed other advisors to model his financial planning practice. We used small trade magazine advertisements quite a bit in the beginning and ended up building the company to over $50,000.00 per month in revenues on a very small spending budget. If you decide to try trade publication advertising here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction.

1. Make sure that it’s a quality publication. Not only must it have readership but it also must have the right kind of readership to be a good fit.

2. Make a strong offer. DO NOT write an ad that talks about how wonderful you are – no one cares. Instead offer them a free nugget of information that they would love to get their hands on. (make them respond and provide their e-mail address to get info)

3. Consistency is more important than size. Make sure you are running regular advertisements before you worry about running flashy ones.

4. Size is more important than color. If you are running regular ad’s and want to do more go for increased size rather than adding color. It will give you a more powerful opportunity to tell your story. Although, remember at some point the value of additional space becomes diminished. I always ran 1/6 page or ¼ page ads.

5. If you do have a budget for a larger ad you may want to disguise it as an editorial. Your readership will increase dramatically.

6. Include specific examples, stories and write as if you are speaking to only one person, not a group

7. Tell the reader exactly what step to take next

8. If possible give them multiple methods to respond

9. Disclose as much as possible (given the space you have to work with) the object is to earn their attention and trust, not to be sneaky

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