Buying a Home – Buyer Rebate / Cash Back Programs

Buying a home is a huge investment. The decision to buy a home is an important one. To make the home purchase easy on your checkbook, you need to understand the Buyer Rebate / Cash Back Programs that offer home buyer rebates in the DFW real estate market. Buyer Rebate Programs are not offered by most real estate companies. So it is for you to search and talk to them so that you can save money on your home purchase.

You can receive money from your realtor if you search for homes on your own and let the realtor help you with the closing. Most real estate buyers believe that the legwork done in searching the homes makes you eligible for the cash back. You need to ask for the home rebate back by talking to your realtor. This will also help the realtor with understanding your needs in the home buying process. With the $8000 Home Buyer Tax Credit drawing to a close before December 1st, you may want to close on a home as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of the incentive period which will expire on December 1st, 2009.

Buy your home by hiring a realtor who offers rebates upon closing of the home. DFW Realties in the Dallas – Fort Worth Real estate market is a good example, as it offers you to get 2/3rd of the agent’s commission at the time of signing which may amount to thousands of dollars. Many companies offer rebates. You need to ensure that you use a certified company. That way all the money is kept in escrow ensuring that you are not at risk of losing your home buyer rebate once you close on the home.

You need to declare the cash back on your tax return. Some lenders require that they approve the cash back. So you need to check with your financing company whether they will approve the cash back rebate. Once your lender approves the cash rebates, you can work with your realtor regarding the cash back program. When you work with a cash back company, you may want to check with your lender if they will approve the cash back. If they do not, you may want to find a lender who does so that you will receive the rebate for the legwork regarding searching the Dallas homes for sale that you want to buy.

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