Finding a Place to Live in Lowell

Finding a Place to Live in LowellWhen I was hired on as an accountant for a major company in Massachusetts, I knew that I needed to hurry and find a place to live. I debated for a few minutes on whether I wanted to find a house or an apartment, but it wasn’t long before I knew that I wanted to look only at available Lowell MA apartments. While a nice yard and privacy would be nice, I knew that I would not have the time to devote to it. Since I would need to prove myself at the job, I would probably put in a lot of overtime for the first year or so.

Because of this, I knew that an apartment would be the best option. Most have 24 hour maintenance should something happen, plus I would not have to worry about mowing the grass in the summer or shoveling snow in the winter months. I had never spend a winter in Mass before, but I have heard they can be brutal, so this was actually a pretty big concern of mine. I did an online search for apartments in Lowell, and I was able to find a site that really helped me pick out the perfect apartment for me.

The one I selected is a really nice complex that has quite a few community amenities including a fitness center and a swimming pool. The grounds are gorgeous too for those nice days when I want to take a walk to clear my head. The best part though is the actual apartment. I only needed something small, so I was happy to see that the one bedroom units were not out of my budget range. I was able to apply for the apartment online, and I was moving in before two weeks were even up. It truly was a very easy process!