How to Find New Tenants For Your Rental Property

If you are new to the rental property business, or even have been in it for years, once an apartment or house becomes vacant than getting it filled as quickly as possible becomes very important. If you have no rent coming in then paying the monthly bills can start stressing you out. Learning different ways to get new renters can get easier once you do it a few times and use some techniques to find out who is looking to rent in your area.

Some of the fastest ways to let people know that the unit is for rent is buy it posting rental signs or banners on the property, or you can offer a referral fee if you have some existing tenants. If you keep your current tenant 6s happy, they can become your best reference. You can hold an open house to let prospective renters see it, posting flyers at some local businesses with a contact number and information about the features and rent. You can always place an ad in the local newspaper or circular, Craigslist seems to be one of the more popular ways of advertising, and you can also register with the local rental agencies to let them know they have a property for rent.

Depending how much you want to advertise is always based upon your need to get it filled. The amount of vacancy there is in your neighborhood will let you know long you might expect to have to wait to get it filled. It be nice to think that there is a low vacancy in your area, which means that it will take less effort to find someone to move in, but every town is different depending on the local economy. If the property is in a desirable area, then the effort taking it to get rented will be less.

Hopefully the tenant that was there gave you enough notice so that you can start advertising before they leave. This will give you a chance to get your advertising up sooner, and with any luck a better chance of finding the best qualified tenant that is looking in that area. You do not always get a fair warning from your tenant, so having a plan in place will help when you have little warning.

If you do have an open house then have all of the prospects that have contacted you know about the time and date, and that you will be there to talk to them. Having all the potential renters be there at the same time will be less intrusive on your time and the current tenants. Once all of the potential renters are there, they will see the other interested parties, and this will put some urgency into the situation.