How To Use Testimonials In Real Estate Investing

How To Use Testimonials In Real Estate InvestingNo matter what you market, testimonials are the leading factor that convinces people to buy what you sell. In real estate investing, you will end up buying more houses if you present believable testimonials to motivated sellers.

You must get testimonials from all the people you work with – Realtors, motivated sellers, tenants, etc.

So how do you go about getting testimonials and how do you use them?

Never wait long
It is very important that you never wait long to ask for a testimonial. If you wait for a few days, you will be forgotten. The best time is when the excitement is still high, for example as soon as you close a deal.

Get a video testimonial, take pictures
It is very easy to get a testimonial when they have a check in their pocket. You can ask them to write it down. Take their picture if at all possible.

You end up with a hand-written testimonial with a picture. This carries more credibility than a typed testimonial.

Even better, always have a video recorder with you. You can use a smart phone to get a video testimonial.

A video testimonial takes only 2 minutes and are more believable and carry more credibility.

You can also use a voice recorder on your smart phone.

Send a letter and / or email
Send them a letter the same day you close the deal. Send it by email as well.

The letter should be something like this:

Dear Mr. Seller
Thank you so much for allowing us to serve you. It was a pleasure working with you and seeing the deal through to completion.

I was wondering if you could do me a quick favor? Could you write a short testimonial for me? I would really appreciate this as it would help me help more people looking to sell their houses quickly.

Please use the attached piece of paper and return envelope for your testimonial.

Thank you in advance and please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Your name here

Always include a sheet of paper with the heading “Write your testimonial here”. I prefer a yellow paper with the heading written in a red pen. It prompts them to write the testimonial right there and not keep it for later.

Also, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so they just have to drop it in the mail.

Lots of people will not respond, but most will. Always ask for testimonials. You will get more testimonials if you ask everyone.

Your business will be more successful if you use these testimonials.

How to use testimonials
Testimonials are a big part of your credibility kit. Put them on your real estate investor website. Especially video testimonials.

Take your credibility kit in your car at all times. Show them to your motivated sellers every time you go to see houses.

The result is that you will end up buying more houses.