Jaco, Costa Rica Real Estate For Sale

Jaco, Costa Rica Real Estate For SaleCurrent Jaco and Costa Rica real estate for sale features not only charming mountaintop villas and lakeside bungalows, but also luxury beach condos or townhouses. Even more exciting are the countless investment properties (like horse ranches, fish hatcheries, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, condos, resorts) and scenic acreage. Chances are, many Americans dont think owning a piece of the tropical rainforest, their own hot spring, a waterfall, lakefront property or a plot of land overlooking volcanoes is within their means. However, the taxes and cost of land is so inexpensive right now that anyone who can afford a $100,000 – $200,000 home in the US can afford and find prime Costa Rica and Jaco real estate for sale!

The local government is anxious to bolster the economy with more foreign investment dollars. In fact, a new highway system connecting the airport right to the Jaco Beach area (scheduled to be completed in 2008) is expected to facilitate the tourism and steadily growing population. Not only does Costa Rica trade bananas, coffee, sugar and cocoa with the US, but they also trade citizens. Jaco and Costa Rica real estate is usurped by many US retirees, which made Costa Rica more densely populated with Americans than any other nation in the world.