Obama Government Grant Awards – Free Money For Americans!

Are life’s plans of renovating the old house or securing a down payment for a new one on hold because of financial stress? You’re not the Lone Ranger, and the Obama administration is here to help struggling American households, having made any number of free government grants providing funds that never need repayment to American families simply for the asking, whether for home repairs or new purchase down payments.

There are any number of opportunities your situation may be helped by:

1. $5,000 for any senior citizen who needs home repairs.
2. $10,000 towards a new roof.
3. $2000 to pay down a past due mortgage.
4. $15,000towards your new home down payment.

With the country’s economy in recession, the government is still ready to distribute freely billions of dollars in grant funding to help American families to achieve their dreams of purchasing a new home or even to renovate their existing one.

There are almost no requirements for applying, just that you are at least 18 years of age or older and a US citizen. 5 million American households in the year benefited from free government funds from such lucrative programs.

These grants are available to all but not advertised on TV. In the coming year, the Obama administration will give away more than a billion dollars to families with the smarts to just apply. There is no need to secure a cumbersome bank loan at a high interest rate that needs repayment when free money is being offered by the government.

I have found this resource for grants and I am sharing it with you. Government Grant Programs.

They have a consumer review on two of the most popular grant programs.

They are a reputable company, and specialize in this information. Federal Grants For Individuals.

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