Obama Grants For Buying Houses Awards $15,000 to Help You Make Your Down Payment!

Whether your goal is to increase the value of your existing home with some well needed repairs or you aim to move up to a new home, the American government has grant programs in place to help you reach your goals while avoiding cumbersome bank loans.

President Obama has new programs in place to help American citens achieve their dreams.

Here are a few for example:

1. $10000 to apply towards a new roof.
2. $2,000 to help pay off a past due mortgage amount.
3. $15,000 towards a new home down-payment.

The Obama government has a variety of grant programs to help the consumer buy their way into a new house by helping with the down payment. Lacking the a down payment is a common reason many Americans never buy homes, due to lacking the cash needed to put down at contract.

Even in times of recession, the US government is still planning to distribute 1 trillion dollars in free grants during the next year. Last year, over 5 million American families enjoyed grants from programs like this. And it’s easy, all you need to do is apply. Not advertised on television, many Americans are not aware that free money is available to the average US citizen.

To qualify for grants you must be at least 18 years of age and also prove your legal United states citizenship. Also, you can receive multiple fundings for more than one grant programs, as many as you are approved for. This means that you can receive free funds to make the down payment on your new home and also get additional money to buy a car.

Information on free governments grants like these has been difficult to find in the past but many companies are providing details for free. Any US citizen looking to buy a new home should also be looking into applying for a free grant.

I have found this resource for grants and I am sharing it with you. Government Grant Programs.

They have a consumer review on two of the most popular grant programs.

They are a reputable company, and specialize in this information. Federal Grants For Individuals.