Reverse Mortgage Leads

If you’ve wasted valuable hours failing to convert lucrative Internet mortgage leads, it may be time to reconsider your strategy. Are you overusing email? Taking too long to get in touch? Lacking a good lead management system? Check out the tips below to improve conversion rates and make the most of your Internet marketing dollars.

  • Embracing technology doesn’t mean abandoning personal contact. While email follow-ups may be the most efficient way of contacting prospects, it’s perceived by some clients as cold and automated. Calls or personal visits may be warmly received by customers who are tired of spam.
  • Make follow-ups a priority. When you respond to prospect queries rapidly – rather than letting them sit in your inbox – you can assuage a buyer’s lending fears and answer their nagging questions. Even if they’re still considering their borrowing options, you’ve made a positive impression.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition. Anyone can send an email, but how many mortgage brokers send clients a hand-written note and a cookie bouquet after an initial consultation?
  • Set up an in-house call center at your main office. Designate a team of staff members to respond exclusively to Internet prospects – before the trail gets cold.
  • Invest in a quality lead management system that enables you to sort leads by interest level, zip code, credit history and price range. Lead management systems prevent legitimate prospects from getting buried in clutter.
  • Don’t blow off the stragglers. Home buying is an emotional process, and discerning buyers often search for reputable mortgage companies months in advance. Staying connected with these shoppers often pays off when they’re finally ready to buy.

Acquire Profitable Mortgage Leads

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