Santa Catarina, Brazil For Property and Land Investors

Whilst being a relatively small state in the south of the country, Santa Catarina has much to offer for real estate and land investors. Lying on the border of Paraná to the north and Rio Grande so Sul to the south (with the Atlantic ocean to the east and Misiones in Argentina to the west), a large majority of its inhabitants are of Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish and Japanese descent (the state was officially inaugurated in 1783).

The majority of the states gross domestic product is generated by industrial activity followed by services, agriculture and tourism.

The capital, Florianópolis (also known as Floripa) is located 1692 km away from the capital city and is bordered by São José – connected by the highways BR-282 and SC-404. The Floripa property market continues to remain strong due to rising number of inhabitants permanently residing in its coastal region (ranging from retirees to young families choosing the high standard of living offered in the area). Newsweek placed Florianópolis in the top ten “most dynamic” cities of the world and popular Brazilian magazine ‘Veja’ stated the region as the “the best place to live in Brazil”. Its thriving economy is mainly focused around information technology, tourism, services and commerce.

The city is further witnessing increased wealth as well as infrastructure improvements as well as a noteable amount of second home purchases of Brazilians (from buyers mainly looking for holiday homes away from the bigger and bustling cities of Curitiba, Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). The city has also long been popular with Argentinian, US and European holiday makers, now looking for a more permanent basis. Several quaint fishing villages throughout the island are populated with globally renowned restaurants and there are 40 beaches located within close proximity of the city – several of which are popular amongst the world’s professional surfing community with several competitions held throughout the year.

The Hercílio Luz International Airport is located in the city (the main airport serving Santa Catarina) serves several parts of Brazil and is a short trip to São Paulo (the richest city in Brazil). Florianópolis is also home to four higher education institutions including the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (the Federal University of Santa Catarina, currently rated 12th in the country in terms of academic achievement). The low level of favelas makes the region safe and the overall literacy level is comparatively high at 97 percent. The city has a high human development index; an above average gross domestic product; an above average per capita income level; an average life expectancy level and below average infant mortality.

With over 560 kilometres of coastline complemented by islands, bays, inlets, lagoons, monuments, mineral pools the state is popular visiting point for both Brazilian and foreign tourists. The main attraction is the city itself (and the surrounding beaches) as well as Garopaba (a popular surfing spot); São Joaquin (one of the only areas of Brazil that sees snow); Blumenau (home of the second biggest Oktoberfest after the one held in Germany) and Joinville (home of several festivals held throughout the year).