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Cypress River Plantation Real Estate – A Life of Leisure

What do you look for in a vacation or retirement home? Obviously a place you can relax in privacy and comfort are essential in your decision making process. Do you enjoy boating? Is swimming on your top list of pastimes? What about sports like tennis or golf? If you could have all these things in one place, plus the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful nature, would you jump on the deal? With Cypress River Plantation real estate, you can have access to all this and more in the beautiful community consisting almost solely of custom homes. Custom homes mean higher quality and a greater probability for better appreciation through the years.

You enjoy life at a leisurely pace when you call Cypress River Plantation your home. Heron golf course is located alongside the community, as is the Intracoastal Waterway. The subdivision is located mere minutes away from great shopping and restaurants are located nearby as well. With only ten miles between Cypress River Plantation and the fabulous beach, this community leaves nothing to be desired. The most exciting of Myrtle Beach’s attractions are situated close enough to Cypress River Plantation to give you prime access, yet far enough away that you are not affected by noise of traffic or crowds. You can enjoy every day of your life at the quality that others seek from their vacations.

What, other than exciting pastimes, does living in this community provide for its residents? The wonderful East Coast community has exclusive rights to top-notch schools for your children, which can be a very important decision for families choosing between this and other communities to call home. Not only is the location situated within great proximity to fun activities, but it is conveniently placed off of highway 707. This great location gives residents easy access to highways 17 and 544. This means getting anywhere along the Grand Strand from Cypress River Plantation is simple, easy and direct.

If you are thinking about relocating to an East Coast community, Cypress River Plantation real estate could certainly be the right match for you and your family. With great activities like boating, swimming, tennis and golf always at your fingertips, you will never be at a loss as to how to remain occupied while having constantly high amounts of fun. If you are ready to begin a life of leisure and fun-filled activities without relocating to a far-off island, Cypress River Plantation is ready to accommodate your every need.

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